Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in April and May

These Kelsey-Seybold doctors were featured in news articles and interviews.

April 6:  Dr. Christine Le, Family Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke with ABC13 about the allergy season and ways to help prevent and treat allergy symptoms.

May 27: Dr. Le spoke to KPRC TV about food safety when having barbecues for Memorial Day. She talked about food safety and when you need to have certain foods on ice or refrigerated to reduce bacteria.

April 7:  Dr. Desiree Thomas, Neurology, Berthelsen Main Campus and Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center, spoke to FOX 26 about an Alzheimer’s gene that can be discovered in the earlier stages and possible treatments that can help delay the onset of symptoms.

April 14: Dr. Emma Carroll, OB/GYN, Women’s Center and Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about increased pregnancies in women in their 40s. She discussed the potential risks this could cause mother and child.

April 14:  Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy, Internal Medicine, Berthelsen Main Campus, spoke to FOX 26 about the use of masks for allergy sufferers. She discussed whether a mask could help protect against pollen particles.

April 29: Dr. Mary Alice Hickson, Dermatology, Meyerland Clinic, spoke to KPRC TV about the importance of using mineral-based sunscreen and the damaging effects the sun can have on our skin.

May 13:  Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, Woman’s Center, spoke to FOX 26 about the formula shortage and where parents can turn for help. She mentioned multiple options for mothers looking for formula.

May 27: Dr. Biren Patel, Behavioral Medicine, Meyerland Plaza Clinic, spoke to KPRC TV about depression in men. He discussed how men sometimes suffer in silence since there can be a stigma around men’s mental health.

May 31:  Dr. John Griffin, Dermatology, Tanglewood, spoke to KPRC TV about sunburns and sunscreen. He suggested treatment options for sunburns and how to help prevent them.

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