Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in August

Aug. 3: Dr. Jessica Lanerie, Chief of Pediatrics, Sienna Clinic, spoke with FOX 26, discussing the importance of kids wearing masks and social distancing while back in school, especially with the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

Aug. 3: Dr. Suma Manjunath, Pediatrics, Pearland Clinic, spoke with KHOU, discussing the safety precautions schools should be taking to help keep kids and staff stay safe from COVID-19.

Aug. 8: Dr. Manjunath spoke with NBC about the increase in pediatric hospitalizations due to the rise of COVID-19 and how parents and teachers can better protect children by wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinations.

Aug. 12: Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy, Internal Medicine, Berthelsen Main Campus, spoke with FOX 26 about breakthrough COVID-19 infections and how and why there has been an increase in positive cases among the vaccinated population.

Aug. 25: Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, Woman’s Center, spoke with FOX 26 about the importance of getting the flu vaccine due to an unpredictable flu season ahead and how it is important to get a COVID-19 vaccine as well.

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