Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in November and December

Nov. 2: Dr. Vinita Bhagia, chief of Endocrinology caring for patients at Berthelsen Main Campus and Meyerland Plaza Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about some surprising things that can affect your blood sugar levels and how to manage such things as sleep and stress levels.

Nov. 4: Dr. Biren Patel, Behavioral Medicine, Meyerland Plaza Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about how the election can be stressful. He gave several tips on ways to handle post-election stress.

Nov. 11: Dr. Hibba Aziz, Orthopedics, at Cypress, Kingwood, and The Woodlands Clinic, spoke to ABC 13 about issues ladies might experience wearing heals again, since more people are heading back to work. She gave tips on how to handle the adjustment of shoe choice.

Nov. 18: Dr. Christine Le, Family Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about at-home remedies to help handle symptoms of cold and flu. She also still recommends all the same precautions that come with staying protected from COVID-19: social distancing, masks, and handwashing.

Nov. 30: Dr. Le spoke to FOX 26 about staying safe post-Thanksgiving break, if you need to quarantine, and when to get tested if you were exposed to COVID-19.

Dec. 24: Dr. Le spoke to FOX 26 about how to make healthy choices when celebrating Christmas. Her tips included limiting snacking and finding time to fit in some movement during the day.

Nov. 19: Dr. Steffanie Campbell, Internal Medicine, Pearland Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about healthy eating during Thanksgiving. She recommended portion size as the main tip, but to still remember to enjoy yourself.

Dec. 14: Dr. Campbell spoke to FOX 26 about how to safely celebrate Christmas this year. She recommended social distancing and to still wear a mask at gatherings to help keep everyone safe.

Nov. 19: Dr. Suma Manjunath, Pediatrics, Pearland Clinic, gave safety tips to FOX 26 about traveling for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 27, Dec 2: Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, Women’s Center,spoke to FOX 26 and ABC 13 about common misconceptions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, which is slowly becoming available.

Dec. 10: Dr. Mouzoon spoke to FOX 26 about possible allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine and if people should be worried about side effects.

Dec. 22: Dr. Mouzoon spoke to FOX 26 about the importance of still wearing a mask once people get vaccinated.

Dec. 28: Dr. Mouzoon spoke to KHOU, answering viewer questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dec. 4: Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy, Internal Medicine, Berthelsen Main Campus, spoke to FOX 26 about how to safely navigate the holiday shopping season and ways to help stay healthy while out and about.

Dec. 30: Dr. Udayamurthy spoke to FOX 26 about recent COVID-19 updates, including current COVID-19 numbers in the city and current stats on vaccine and testing numbers.

Dec. 11, 14: Dr. Tony Lin, C.E.O., Chairman, Board of Managers and Managing Director, spoke to FOX 26 and ABC 13 about a new outpatient treatment for COVID- 19 and the successful outcomes they have been seeing with this treatment option now available to certain patients who meet criteria.

Dec. 18: Dr. Joslyn John, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at Berthelsen Main Campus and Cypress Clinic,  spoke to FOX 26 about working-from-home body aches and issues people are experiencing recently. She offered some at-home stretches and movement tips to alleviate the pain of working from home.

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