Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in June

By Ashley Meijer

June 1: Dr. Christine Le, Family Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about which summer activities are safer than others during this pandemic.

June 12: Dr. Le spoke to FOX 26 about updated recommendations for safer outdoor activities during this pandemic and which to currently avoid.

June 3: Dr. Nicholas Solomos, Executive Health, was interviewed by FOX 26 about what should be included in a hurricane medical supply kit and the importance of having it ready in advance of potential disasters.

June 5: Dr. Pamela Sanders, Pediatrics, Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center, spoke to FOX 26 about amusement park safety and the precautions that should be taken.

June 5: Dr. Suma Manjunath, Pediatrics, Pearland Clinic, spoke to ABC 13 about health and safety precautions for children regarding daycare, summer camps, and other venues, including the zoo.

June 5: Dr. Kimberly Mullinax, Dermatology, Pearland Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about the antiperspirants she recommends and which ingredients in deodorants to avoid.

June 8:  Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy, Internal Medicine, Berthelsen Main Campus, was interviewed by FOX 26, about the signs, symptoms, and dangers of heat exhaustion.

June 30: Dr. Udayamurthy spoke to FOX 26 about how to stay cool while wearing a mask. She recommended certain types that have better airflow to keep the face cool and dry.

June 10: Dr. Steffanie Campbell, Internal Medicine, Pearland Clinic, was interviewed by KPRC-TV about the personal surrogacy journey she is embarking on to help a family friend have a child, as well as the challenges she faces being a surrogate during a pandemic.

June 12: Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, spoke to FOX 26 about the potential health impact the crowded protests could have on COVID-19 cases and what participants should do to stay safe.

June 16: Dr. Eric Sandberg, Allergy and Immunology, Clear Lake Clinic, Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center, and Berthelsen Main Campus, discussed  with FOX 26 the distress  the Sahara dust blowing into town could have on the respiratory system.

June 25: Dr. John Griffin, Dermatology, Tanglewood Clinic talked to FOX 26 about the hand sanitizers and the ingredients to look out for.

June 26: Dr. Helene Sheena, Pediatrics, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to ABC 13 about the protocols childcare places are taking during the pandemic and whether it’s safe to send your children off to daycare.

June 29: Dr. Shane Magee, Internal Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about the correct way to take a temperature and the thermometers he recommends for the most accurate reading.

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