Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in November

Nov. 1: Dr. Chikku Paul, Pediatrics, Kingwood Clinic, spoke to Fox 26 about kids being exposed to violence in the media, how parents can help protect them, and what is age-appropriate for their media exposure.

Nov. 15: Dr. Oladapo Alade, Orthopedics, Berthelsen Main Campus and Katy Clinic, spoke with Fox 26 about a rare, exercise bike injury that almost cost a woman her life. Dr. Alade discusses the importance of talking to a doctor before starting an exercise program.

Nov. 22: Dr. Suma Manjunath, Pediatrics, Pearland Clinic, spoke to Fox 26 about staying safe during holiday travel. She discussed the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine as well as getting tested if you suspect you have been exposed.

Nov. 24: Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, Woman’s Center, spoke to Fox 26, debunking common flu myths and the importance of getting this season’s flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine.

Nov. 24: Dr. Vinita Bhagia, Endocrinology, Berthelsen Main Campus and Meyerland Clinic, spoke to NBC about how to stay healthy during the Thanksgiving feast.

Nov. 25:  Dr. Christine Le, Family Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to Fox 26 about food borne illnessesand how to prevent cross contamination at Thanksgiving. She also mentioned how long certain foods can stay out and which foods need to be put in the fridge.

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