Kelsey-Seybold Doctors Made Headlines in February

Feb. 1: Dr. Melanie Mouzoon, Managing Physician for Immunization Practices, Women’s Center, spoke to KPRC-TV about six things to know after you get your vaccine.

Feb. 4: Mouzoon spoke to FOX 26 answering top COVID-19 questions.

Feb. 2: Dr. Christine Le, Family Medicine, Tanglewood Clinic, spoke to FOX 26 about the pros and cons of wearing double masks and whether she recommends it to her patients.

Feb.17: Dr. Le spoke to ABC13 about the city advisory to boil water. She discussed how long to boil and why it’s important.

Feb. 5: Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy, Internal Medicine, Berthelsen Main Campus, spoke to FOX 26 about how to stay safe while attending Super Bowl parties.

Feb. 18: Dr. Udayamurthy spoke to FOX 26 about the boil water notice the city of Houston was under. She discussed how long to boil water and what contaminants are found in non-boiled water.

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