Kelsey-Seybold honors ambulatory service representatives for their 5-star performances

Congratulations to the Kelsey-Seybold large, medium, and small clinics that received the 2019 5 Star ASR recognition Award. This award is presented to clinic ambulatory service representatives (ASRs) who scored a perfect 5 stars on their yearly observation. The observation measured ASR registration accuracy, collecting and that all demographics are up to date, insurance is verified and active, and patient financial responsibility was obtained.

The Woodlands: Large clinic category (from the left to right) – Deshawn Spaulding, Shenita Hightower, Kristi Jett, Jackie Baker, Maria Stigers, Karen La Fleur, Tonia Williams, Kelly Verdick, Janeth Campos, Cecily Espinosa, Janki Bhakta, Beth Clark, and Angela Kelaiditis
Summer Creek: Medium clinic category (from the left to right) – Jessica Romero, Vikki Thomas, Kayla Dimes, and Pamela Chaney
Summer Creek: Medium clinic category (from the left to right) – Patrice Jenkins, Hilda Estrada, Kayla Dimes, and Norma Salinas
Sienna Plantation: Small clinic category (from the left to right) – Clinic Administrator Kiyoko Latson, Lissette Cantu, Diana Guzman, and Sarah Dakheel (Not pictured: Destiny Albert)
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