Kelsey-Seybold’s Patient Experience Council presents the KelseyCares Q4 2019 Patient Experience Award

Kelsey-Seybold patients expect exceptional service for their healthcare needs, even in such instances as medical billing and customer service. Although this line of work can be busy and demanding at times, Jennifer Hallmark, Business Services Supervisor, remains consistent in providing excellent patient care due to her patience, willingness, and commitment to go the extra mile for our valued patients.

On Feb. 21, the Patient Experience Council honored Jennifer as the 2019 fourth quarter KelseyCares Patient Experience Award Ceremony at the Pearland Administrative Office Building.

Attendees participated in a short program highlighting her excellent care and creating positive patient experiences in medical billing and customer service.
“I was overjoyed to have been selected for this award,” Jennifer said. “It was an honor to be recognized by my peers and leadership. Having so many people take time out of their day to celebrate and praise my work made me feel like what I do is important to Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.”

Jennifer believes we should all aim to create a warm, welcoming environment and treat each patient with exceptional customer service, whether in person or on the phone. “Kelsey-Seybold patients are accustomed to a 5-star experience, and, by living up to their expectations, we keep our patients coming back,” she said.

The Patient Experience Council reviews nominations each quarter and selects the nominee(s) with the most outstanding patient experience story or interaction. To nominate a colleague for a Patient Experience Award, send an email to

Kelsey-Seybold Executive Leadership and members of the Patient Experience Council present the KelseyCares Q4 2019 Patient Experience Award to Jennifer Hallmark (center), Business Center Supervisor. Left to right: Carmen Hatchett, Central Business Manager; Brinda Springfield, Director of Operations, Central Region; Julie Garcia, Revenue Cycle Management Director; Dr. James Hoyle, Medical Director Clinic Operations; Jennifer Hallmark, Business Center Supervisor; Anna Higgins, Chair, Patient Experience Council; Stuart Cayer, Director of Operations, South Region; Ken Janis, Chief Operating Officer; and Dr. Victor Simms, Chief, Internal Medicine and Managing Physician, Pasadena Clinic.
Dr. James Hoyle (right), Medical Director, Clinic Operations, takes a moment to recognize Jennifer Hallmark’s (left) achievements and excellent customer service.
Jennifer Hallmark, Business Services Supervisor, is excited and honored to have received the KelseyCares Q4 2019 Patient Experience Award.
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