Kingwood Clinic returns – bigger, better, and stronger than ever!

Newly built Kingwood Clinic reopened to the communities of Kingwood, Atascocita, Porter, and New Caney on Jan. 20. It’s been nearly two and a half years since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, and while it was a long, hard road to recovery, the Kingwood Clinic and its providers and staff are back: bigger, better, and stronger than ever.

“Kelsey-Seybold has had a Kingwood presence for 25 years, which ended the day Hurricane Harvey flooded the clinic with three and a half feet of water,” said Dr. Sebastian Scobercea, Managing Physician of Kingwood Clinic. “After two years of planning and building, we are back in a beautiful new location, better able to serve our community with new services and more providers than our previous location.”

A growing clinic for a growing community

Kingwood Clinic is the latest Kelsey-Seybold development in the Lake Houston area. It joins nearby Summer Creek Clinic located just south of Humble.

Jessica Romero, Regional Administrative Analyst, described Kingwood Clinic as refreshing. “This location is much more convenient and will serve not only patients living and working in Kingwood, but also Porter, New Caney, and beyond,” she said. “It gives these other communities the opportunity to access the multispecialty services Kelsey-Seybold offers. It’s a one-stop shop, and patients appreciate that.”

The new clinic gives area residents convenient access to primary care¬ and specialty care, such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Optometry, Orthopedics, and Pulmonary Medicine, with space for up to 25 providers. Patients can take advantage of on-site laboratory and X-ray services and an on-site Kelsey Pharmacy.


Twila Darnell, Kingwood Clinic Administrator, said this new, spacious clinic gives staff the space they need to grow.

“The old clinic was very busy. We were the most highly utilized clinic in Kelsey-Seybold, but we were maxed out at 10 physicians because space was limited,” she said. “This new clinic is much larger, and we have already extended the number of physicians to 15 with more specialties to be added in the near future.”

Convenience is key for residents

George Sharp, a longtime Kelsey-Seybold patient, is happy to have a location near his home.

“I like that this is only five miles from my house,” he said. “We’ve been waiting for this location to open for over two years. This is a great connivence for me and for everyone living in Kingwood and the surrounding area.”

The opening of this clinic is important to the surrounding communities, and Kayla Dimes, Ambulatory Services Rep II, recognizes that.

“I was transferred to Summer Creek after Hurricane Harvey. When we first lost the clinic, it seemed like rebuilding was an impossible task. Every day, patients would ask when Kingwood Clinic would be back,” she said. “Now our patients finally have their clinic. It’s been fun to share in their excitement.”

Helen Suan and her two children were some of the first patients of opening day. She has been anticipating this opening for the last two years.

“This clinic is beautiful and very welcoming,” she said. “It’s easy to access coming from North Park and Kingwood Drive. We’ve always been blessed to have Kelsey-Seybold so close to us and we are thrilled to have it back.”

Kingwood Clinic Location:

Location: 25553 U.S. Highway 59, Porter, TX 77365

Size: Three-stories, 55,000 square feet

Specialties: Allergy, Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Optometry, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Podiatry, and Pulmonary Medicine.

Pharmacy: Kelsey Pharmacy

Laboratory:   On-site LabCorp

These smiling faces greet patients at the front‌‌desk and over the phone. From left to right: Norma Salinas, Ambulatory Service Representative; Janie Batiste, Ambulatory Service Representative; and Maria Centeno, Ambulatory Service Representative.
Chanelle Maynard was all smiles before her appointment with ‌‌Dr. Jasmine Pettiford.
Kayla Dimes, Ambulatory Services Rep II, is excited to be at the new Kingwood Clinic.
Dr. Sebastian Scobercea (left), Managing Physician for the Kingwood Clinic, and Twila Darnell (right), Kingwood Clinic Administrator, took a moment to welcome Kingwood Clinic’s first patient, George Sharp.
The facilities team worked hard to get the Kingwood Clinic ready for opening day!‌‌ From left to right: Sam Higgins, Gamma Superintendent; Clay Parker, Maintenance Tech; Lupe Sosa, Maintenance Tech; Doug Raska, Facilities Manager; and Miguel Giles, Maintenance Tech.
Helen Suan and her children are happy to have Kingwood Clinic back in their neighborhood.
Kelsey Pharmacy at Kingwood is open and ready to serve you! From left to right: Twila Darnell, Kingwood Clinic Administrator; Joyce Courtney, patient; and, DeNeise West, Retail Pharmacy Manager.


The original Kingwood providers and staff take a moment to celebrate opening day!

Back row, left to right: Sebastian Scobercea, M.D., Managing Physician of the Kingwood Clinic; Paul O’Leary, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician; Vikki Thomas, Administrative Coordinator; Twila Darnell, Clinic Administrator of the Kingwood Clinic; Pam Dabney, L.V.N.; Debbie Brown, R.N., Nurse Coordinator; and Hyunmo Koo, M.D., Family Medicine. Front row, left to right: Pratrice Jenkins, Ambulatory Service Representative; Jessica Romero, Regional Administrative Analyst; Tracy Wilson, L.V.N.; Elena Ramirez, M.A.; Debbie Plumley, L.V.N.; Passhun Boulwen, L.V.N.; Tiffany Rhoades, R.N.; Rita Cortes, C.M.A.; Bazgha Khalid, M.D., Internal Medicine; Marlene Swearingen, Ambulatory Services Representative; Kayla Dimes, Ambulatory Services Representative; and Janie Batiste, Ambulatory Services Representative.

Written by Robin Baker.

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