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Diana Hull, Administrative Supervisor II, and Lisa Pfeffer, RN Manager, Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center

Kindness, empathy, and teamwork helped a lost patient find his way.

Diana Hull and Lisa Pfeffer at Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center recently helped a patient who has dementia and mistakenly arrived at the clinic for an appointment. Lisa determined that he was not a Kelsey-Seybold patient, and Diana contacted nearby healthcare facilities until she was able to identify where he was supposed to go. Lisa and Diana then made sure he was safely transferred to his appointment.

“Quick thinking on Lisa’s part and the kindness, empathy, and teamwork both Lisa and Diana exhibited in helping this patient get to the correct facility was commendable,” said Debbie Godshalk, Senior Manager, Administration, Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center. “I’m so proud of the caring team we have here at Fort Bend.”

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