Kudos to Spine Center Nurse!

Embodying the spirit of the triple aim, Amanda Kay, LVN II, goes above and beyond when caring for patients and supporting her colleagues.

Amanda Kay, LVN II, is known by Berthelsen Main Campus Spine Center patients and providers as committed to quality care.

Nurse Manager Colette Gatson, RN, describes Amanda as “the department’s diamond,” while Annie Pally, MD, an Orthopedic – PM&R specialist at Berthelsen Main Campus describes Amanda as having a special talent – an “X factor” – for making the patient experience wonderful.

“I’m just so proud to work alongside Amanda,” Dr. Pally said.

In one example shared by Dr. Pally, Amanda stayed late to help her with a patient referred by Hematology/Oncology whose infusion treatment ran late.

“Amanda volunteered to stay late with me to make sure the patient could be seen, rather than rescheduling him and delaying care.”

Another PM&R patient seen for fibular hemimelia (congenital limb deficiency where the fibular bone is partially or completely missing in the lower leg) became emotional when sharing how thankful she is that Amanda went above and beyond in getting her scheduled, despite Dr. Pally being fully booked. The patient was experiencing discomfort related to her prosthesis and needed to be seen quickly.

“Amanda is intelligent, insightful, and exceptional with our PM&R patients. I feel lucky to work with her,” said Dr. Pally. “She’s one in a million.”

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